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American Spotted Paso Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Spotted Paso

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The main objective for breeders of the American Spotted Paso horse is combining the smooth gaits of the Peruvian Paso with the colorful coat patterns of the pinto.


The breed originated with a pure black Paruvian Paso stallion named Janchovilla who was bred to pinto mares. Of the resulting foals about 3/4 of them were spotted & all of them carried the lively Paso gaits.

There are two different registries for this breed, each one accomodating animals with different degrees of Paso blood. To register with either of the registries the animal must have one purebred Paruvian Paso parent & exhibit the lateral Paso gait.


Move with a four-beat lateral gait

Traditional Colors

Must possess an obvious pinto pattern.


Kind & willing


General riding
Trail horse
Endurance horse
Show horse
Therapy horse

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American Spotted Paso Registry
American Spotted Paso Registry

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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