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Nooitgedacht Pony

Country of Origin: South Africa



The Nooitgedacht Pony is one of the only breeds that are actually indigenous to South Africa & they are the only true descendants of the Basuto pony. Today they are an incredibly rare breed.


This breed originally comes from Asian animals and have evolved over the years of selective breeding & geographical conditions in the eastern Transvaal region. They have genetic similarities to to the Cape Horse. They are smaller animals, however they are inherently strong and have no problem carrying a full grown man.

Development of this breed began in 1951 when the South African Department of Agriculture bought a small herd of Basuto-type ponies to the Nooitgedacht Research Station. In part this was to save the Basuto pony, and part to establish a native animal suited to local conditions.

The breeding was strictly controlled to avoid inbreeding and partbred Arabian & Vonk blood was added on a limited basis. This highly systematic breeding resulted in an animal with uniform characteristics and in 1967 several studs were established for the breed.

In 1968 The Nooitgedacht Breeders’ Foundation was established by participating breeders to establish standards for the type. By 1976 the Nooitgedacht Pony became South Africa’s first indigenous pony breed.


Average height 13.2 – 15 hands


Head is dry with a straight or slightly concave profile
Eyes are large & open
Neck is relatively long and muscular
Chest is deep
Back is straight
Legs are square and well mounted with flat joints
Hooves is high & small


Loving & kind
Enjoys people


Riding pony
Light draft

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