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Curly Haired Fox Trotter Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Curly Haired Fox Trotter


curly horses are found across the planet and known for their curly coat. Their uniqueness doesn’t end their, their curls are also hypo allergenic, which means those with allergies to equines can ride them sneeze-free.


Like the origins of the Curly Horse are shrouded in mystery, especially their existence in North America as their roots have to come from the Bashker horse of the Ural mountains.

Believe it or not there are two genetically different kinds of curly coat Missouri Fox Trotters. One is a recessive Curly gene, the other is a dominant Curly gene.


The recessive gene for curly coat is carried in some Fox Trotter bloodlines. Genes work in pairs with one gene coming from each parent. It takes two normal haired curly gene carriers to create a curlie foal or a curly horse and another animal carrying a recessive gene. Recessive curls have curlier coats in the winter and shed their mane & tail hair entirely in the summertime, although they keep their curly body coat.


Horses that are curly because of a dominant gene can produce curly foals, even when bred to normal straight haired horses. Dominant gene curlies have a winter coat which ranges from wavy to very curly. In the summer they shed their coat until they have a shiny smooth or a slightly wavy body coat, but keep their mane & tail year round.


Average height 14.2 – 16.2 hands
Well-proportioned and well-balanced


Stallions display masculinity
Mares display femininity
High head carriage
Overall desirable confirmation

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | bay | roan | pinto | palomino, cremello & buckskin


Gentle & docile manner
Friendly & willing


Riding horse
Ranch horse
Pleasure horse

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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