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Percheron Horse

Country of Origin: France

Percheron Horse


The exact origins of the Percheron breed are a mystery, and there are a number of viable theories. However there is one thing they all agree on, this is an ancient breed of horse.

Percheron Horse

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Whether they are related to the Boulonnais, come from Celtic animals or have been indigenous to the area since the Ice Age, the breed comes from Le Perche which is on the border of Normandy in France. In this area, native mares were crossed with Arabian stallions around the 8th AD. Later, during the Middle Ages, more Arabian blood was introduced in addition to some Iberian stock.

The official Percheron stud book was established in 1893 and later redefined in 1966 to include many of the local draft breeds that have Percheron influence.


Average height 14.3 – 16.1 hands


Head is fine with a straight profile
Ears are long & thin
Neck is long
Shoulders are well slanted
Chest is wide & deep
Back is short & straight
Legs are clean and powerful
Feet are hard & strong

Traditional Colors

black | grey


Calm & kind

Percheron Horse

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Draft animal
Meat production

Percheron Products


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Where to Buy

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