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Riwoche Pony

Country of Origin: Tibet

Riwoche Pony


The Rowoche Pony breed was discovered in 1995 by a French explorer Michel Peissel (who had a knack for discovering rare animals) in an isolated region of Tibet, these animals had previously been unknown to science.


The Riwoche is thought by some to be a missing link in equine evolution between prehistoric wild horses and modern domesticated equines. They were discovered only recently by the west, however the local Bon-po people have been using them for centuries.

Although it is uncertain where they fit into the equidae family tree, the Riwoche pony is a very old breed and they have been kept genetically pure due to there extreme isolation which makes them valuable in their own right.


Average height 12 hands


Head is heavy with straight profile
Ears are small
Mane is short & stands up straight

Traditional Colors

Dun with primitive markings



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CNN article from Nov. 7 1995 about the Riwoche Pony discovery (with pics)

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Country of Origin: Tibet | Colors:
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