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Catria Horse

Country of Origin: Italy

Catria horse


This breed is an incredibly tough little animal, their mountainous habitat forces their calm nature & surefooted gaits.


Named for the Catria region in Italy the Catria Horse comes from the sturdy Maremmano breed. The origins of the Maremmano breed is a mystery but they are thought to come from North African stock that was bred with Spanish, Barb, Neapolitan & Arabian bloodlines. The Catria animals were created when the Maremmano breed was crossed with Frieberger horses.

In 1974 the Special Co-operative Agency of Catria took over management of the breeding of these animals thus practicing strict control over the bloodlines. By 1980 a registry furthered the cause allowing for further improvements in stock.

Today they are bred in semi-mountainous terrain encouraging their natural balance & agility. Their numbers are very low and their situation is critical.


Average height 14.2 – 14.3 hands
Robust & willing to work


Head is light & has straight profile
Chest is broad & deep
Back is short
Hindquarters are wide

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay | roan


Sober & calm
Willing & hardworking


Riding horse
Sport horse

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Cavallo del Catria

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