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Buryat Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Buryat horse farm


Native to a climate that is incredibly harsh, (there are only about a 100 days a year above freezing temperatures in parts) the Buryat is a very tough little animal.


This breed is one of the smallest horses in Siberia and shares ancestors with the Mongolian breed, although they tend to display more height.

Throughout the years severe (and often cruel) training methods combined with selective breeding and an intense natural environment has created an almost indestructible, fertile animal with a long life span.

Since 1897 Thoroughbred stallions (and some trotters) have been brought to the area to improve the breed. However the fertility and toughness of the breed tends to be compromised by the influx of new blood.

There are very few purebred animals of this breed left today.


Average height 13.1 – 13.3 hands
Bony and massive build


Head is large and heavy with a massive jaw and a straight or slightly convex profile
Neck is short to medium in length and muscular
Back is straight and strong
Chest is narrow and deep
Legs are short, lean and bony with well-developed joints
Hooves are small and firm

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | dun


Calm and willing


Riding horse
Agriculture work

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