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Colonial Spanish Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Colonial Spanish Horse


Also called Horse of the Americas the Colonial Spanish Horse is a foundation horse of Iberian type that came from Spain to the Americas. Today they exist primarily in North America under a unified registry open to Original Native horses including Barbs, Spanish Barbs & Spanish Mustangs.


Most of the purest bloodlines were bred and kept by native American tribes over the years and today these strains go by a number of names throughout the US. It’s important to note that not all mustangs in North American are of this particular descent due to a considerable amount of crossbreeding over the years.


Average height 13.2 – 15 hands
Highly athletic & can be gaited


Head has a broad forehead, narrow face and straight or convex profile
Body is deep, but narrow in the front
Tail is low-set

Traditional Colors

Chestnut | Grey | Bay | Black | Dun | Buckskin / Palomino / Cream | Roan | Pinto | Appaloosa


Even tempered with a gentle disposition

Colonial Spanish Horse


Riding horse
Ranch work
Endurance competition mount
Pleasure horse

Colonial Spanish Horse Products

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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