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Sumbawa Pony

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Sumbawa Pony

Image from DMahendra


The Sumbawa Pony is a close kin to the Sumba Pony, but they tend to be smaller & originate on the Indonesian island of Sumbawa. Often they are referred to as the same breed because of the close proximity of the islands and the amount of cross breeding between them.


Average height 11 hands


Head is heavy with a straight profile
Eyes are almond shaped
Neck is short & broad
Back is long and tends to dip slightly
Shoulder is straight
Legs are slender & strong
Feet are small & hard

Traditional Colors

Generally dun but can be found in most solid colors.


Active & willing
Docile & obedient

Sumbawa Pony

Image from Tropenmuseum


Riding pony
Light draft


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Country of Origin: Indonesia | Colors: ,
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