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Avelignese Horse

Country of Origin: Italy


The Avelignese comes from Italy & is one of the country’s most populous & widespread breeds. It is obvious that they share an ancestor with the Austrian Haflinger & often people interchange the two. However, they are a different breeds with distinct characteristics.


A common breed in Italy, the Avelignese was developed in Italy over a century ago & recognized as a breed since 1874. Their name comes from Avelengo which has been an Italian region since 1918. There is no disputing the shared blood between this breed & the Haflinger, however there are characteristic differences (the Avelignese is slightly heavier) probably due to different breeding practices between Italy & Austria.


Average height 13.3 – 14 hands
Hardy & surefooted
Capable of carrying & pulling great weight


Head shows Arabian influence
Body is robust & muscular
Short, strong legs
Hooves are very hard

Traditional Colors

Always golden chestnut with flaxen gene


Kind & thoughtful, they make great mounts for children/ beginners


Pack horse
Agricultural & draft work

Avelignese Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Italy | Colors: ,
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