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American Bashkir Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Bashkir

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American Bashkir horses are the only breed found to be hypoallergenic, those allergic to horse dander do not have a reaction to these animals.


The origin of this breed is shrouded in mystery, which has caused debate as to whether or not ‘Bashkir’ should be part of their official name. The existence of a horse with the curly gene is a mystery on North America. Their roots are obviously connected to the Bashkir horse, native to the steppes of the Ural mountains. However they were discovered in America early in the 19th century.

Curly Q

When minimally expressed, curls may only appear in the ears, on fetlocks as well as in the mane & tail. When maximally expressed, the horse displays curls all over, dreadlocks in its mane & curled eyelashes. Mane & tail can completely shed out in the summer, only to re-grow again with their winter coat.


Average height 13.3 – 16 hands
Curly hair characteristics
Body hair should be fine & soft
Comes in many variations
Those allergic to horses can enjoy the curly horse


Medium sized head, wide set eyes & curled eyelashes
Neck is medium in length & deep at the base
Back is short & deep in the girth
Heavy boned legs
Hooves are very hard & dense
Coat is fine & soft with ringlets, a soft marcel wave or crushed velvet curls
Mane is kinky or wavy
Tail is in ringlets or wavy

Traditional Colors

All colors


Even-tempered & strong


Pleasure horses
Show horses
Ranch horses

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Where to Buy

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American Bashkir Studs

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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