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Dahoman Horse

Country of Origin: Hungary

Dahoman Horse


This is an animal with strong ties to the Arabian bloodlines, the idea is that very little of their genetics have been shaped through outside blood. The other shaping factor of these animals is English Thoroughbred.


Dahoman is an Oriental line of halfblooded horses established in Babolna, Hungary, by an Arabian stallion named Dahoman who was born in 1846. This stallion was not proven at first, but through generations, his off-spring were crossed with Arabian mare lines- Siglavi, Tadmor, Shagya, and even Gidran.

Dahoman III, son of Dahoman, born in 1926, had most of his off-spring preserved. However, this line was not kept pure. Similar to the Shagya, the Dahomans were often crossbred with fullblooded English Thoroughbreds. The resulting animal had an entirely different build.

The Dahoman is taller and more massive than the Shagya Arab, and because of their solid constitution they were considered to be excellent sources of military horses.


Average height 14.1 – 15.3 hands


Head is dished and refined
Eyes are large & expressive
Ears are curved
Neck is long, but refined
Body is compact with short back
Tail is high set

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


High strung and excitable
Intelligent and able


Riding horse
Show horse

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Dahoman Shagya Line


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