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Czech Small Riding Horse

Country of Origin: Czech Republic

Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse

Image from petr cervinka


This pony was developed in the hopes of creating a smart, robust sport animal for youth. They wanted an equine that was small enough to be manageable and large enough to have decent jumping ability.


As with many Czech breeds, this one is quite new. In fact, it wasn’t developed until 1980 when the Agricultural University in Nitra began their work.

A herd of 27 broodmares was selected for first breeding. They were of mainly Arabian stock, but it also included Hanoverian, Slovak warmblook and Carpathian blood. They were then crossed with a Welsh Pony Stallion called Branco. Offspring were kept outdoors under rougher terrain and climate conditions & additional crosses were made with another Welsh stallion.

The resulting animal was sharp, tough and easy to ration on minimal feed requirements. Breeding programs


Average height 13.2 – 13.3 hands


Tough hooves, well suited for rocky terrain


Calm & willing
Alert and able


Riding pony
Show pony

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Country of Origin: Czech Republic |
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