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Buohai Horse

Country of Origin: China

Coach horse


The Buohai is native to the Northeastern part of the Shandong Province near the Buohai Sea and the Yellow River.


The horses in this area have been there for at least 2700 years and are originally of Mongolian origin.

In 1962 the government established a cross-breeding program designed to improve the local stock. Attempts with riding horses were unsuccessful and created animals too light for heavy agricultural work. Later Ardennes and Soviet Heavy Draft blood was introduced and the resulting animals was classified as the Buohai breed in China.

In 1974 a breed association was formed and the first animals were registered as pureblood under the Buohai name.

There is high variety in type due to the addition of various bloodlines, however the association is attempting to correct this and generate a type specific to this breed.


Average height 14.3 – 15 hands
Can survive under poor conditions


Head is clean-cut with a straight profile
Neck is medium in length and well-connected
Chest is deep
Back is flat
Legs are dry with well-defined joints
Hooves are strong and soid

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Willing and able


Riding horse
Pack animal

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: ,
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