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Pampa Horse

Country of Origin: Brazil


The Pampa Horse originally comes from the animals brought to the Americas early in the 16th century that later went on to run wild there.


Over time many of the indigenous tribes developed their own types of horse, many of them colorful pinto varieties. It is unknown when these animals were introduced to Brazil but they were animals of Portuguese & Dutch origin. Over time they developed characteristics that made it easier for them to deal with local climate & conditions. This breed is very similar to the American Paint Horse, except that they register based on a specific type and not just coat color genetics.


Average height 13.3 – 14.2 hands


Head is medium in size with a straight or slightly convex profile
Eyes are large & expressive
Neck is well proportioned and muscular
Chest is wide, deep & muscular
Back is medium in length and well proportioned
Legs are long & muscular
Hooves are hard & tough

Traditional Colors

Must carry a pinto white pattern


Mild mannered and willing


Riding horse
Equestrian sport
Cow horse

Pampa Horse Products

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Associação de Cavalo Pampa

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Country of Origin: Brazil | Colors:
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