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Blazer Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Blazer Horse


The Blazer Horse was deveolped over a period of years by Neil Hinck from Star, Idaho. The result of his dream to breed a smart, strong, easy-moving and gentle working horse was a stallion he named Little Blaze.


The bred began in the late 1950’s and Little Blaze became the foundation sire, he lived to be 39 years old.

To be registered as a Blazer Horse, (even today) the horse must have at least one registered parent with a documented line to Little Blaze.

The Blazer is a low maintenance & highly adaptable horse who seems to excel at everything they try. Every horse that is registered as Blazer is scrutinized by a team from the registry & no horse is registered before age two.


Average height 13 – 15 hands


They are bred to exact muscle placement – length of back, length of cannon bone, and other characteristics that maximize its usefulness.

Traditional Colors

Blazer Horses must have a solid coat color with dark under-laying skin. Spotted coat patterns (appaloosa, pinto & roan) are not accepted into the registry.
black | chestnut | bay | dun | buckskin & palomino


Gentle & willing


Ranch work
Eventing Horse
Show Horse
Pleasure animal
Endurance horse

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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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