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British Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: England


Warmblood horses are a mix between hot-blooded animals (like the Arabian & Thoroughbred) and cold-blooded animals (most draft breeds). They may carry bloodlines of approved breeds as long as they meet the requirements of the type.


The British Warmblood Society was founded in 1977 and devoted themselves to the breeding of pedigreed horses for competitive equine disciplines.

Today there are 3 warmblood societies the British Hanoverian Horse Society, British Warmblood Society & Trakehner Breeders Fraternity.


To register animals must meet specific criteria including athletic ability, temperament & confirmation.


Due to the allowance of a variety of breeds, there are not specific physical characteristics.

Traditional Colors

Generally solid colors


Strong & willing – temperament is a large factor for breeders


Competition & show horse

Helpful Links

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British Hanoverian Horse Society
British Warmblood Society
Trakehner Breeders Fraternity

Where to Buy

Ashanti Farm
Glossoms Farm

British Warmblood Studs

The Warmblood Breeders’ Studbook – UK


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Country of Origin: England | Colors:
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