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Sable Island Horse

Country of Origin: Canada

Sable Island Horse

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The Sable Island Horses (and a number of other wild animals) come from Sable Island which is situated about 100 miles off the eastern coast of Nova Scotia.

Sable Island Horse

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The horses that roam Sable Island have been there for as long as anyone can remember so their origins remain a mystery. It is thought that they may have called the island home as far back as 1583, however that has never been proven. The first recorded horse brought to the island was a stallion named Jolly in 1801 who was of Canadian Horse lineage. Many of the animals there today clearly display some of his characteristics. Although he was the first recorded animal, horses had been imported to the island for years prior.

In their feral state, they rarely have any influence from mankind so their breeding is left wholly to natural selection. This is a tough climate for horses and over the years it has shaped them into hardy, hairy little creatures. Their geographical isolation has also kept their bloodlines pure which makes them rare among horse breeds.

They are often referred to as ponies, while these animals are small in stature they are by confirmation & history actually small horses – made smaller over the years by brutal weather & meager food rations. Occasionally the herd is rounded up and a few animals removed to be used for work – some are even known to have an ambling gait.


Average height 13 – 14 hands


Head is medium in size generally with a straight or Roman profile
Body is thick & stocky

Traditional Colors

grey | dun | roan | pinto | appaloosa

Sable Island Horse

Image from sleepyorange


Riding pony
Work pony

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Sable Island Green Horse Society


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