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Golden American Saddlebred Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Golden American Saddlebred Horse

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The Golden American Saddlebred is a color breed and is registered with the American Saddlebred Horse Association. They are unique in their blonde coloring which is due to a cream dilution gene in their bloodlines.

Golden American Saddlebred Horse

Image from Equine Now


The first American Saddlebred animal to display the golden coat was a foal who was born in 1864 named Pat Cleburne, thus beginning a new line of genetics. These animals follow breeding & type guidelines of the ASHA and the main requirement for registering and breeding is the shiny copper palomino coloring. Although, it’s not just about color, this breed should be well refined and smooth to ride.


Average height 15 – 17 hands


Head is shapely and well proportioned
Ears are small, alert and high on the head
Eyes are bold & intelligent
Neck is long and arched
Back is short & strong
Legs are straight & long

Traditional Colors

Color varies from creme to deep copper, but ideal coloration is the color of a gold coin with a white mane & tail. This is due to a cream dilution gene on a chestnut base.


Well mannered and willing
Easy going and energetic

Golden American Saddlebred Horse

Image from Weaselmcfee


Show horse
Pleasure horse
Parade horse

Where to Buy

Lange’s Golden Saddlebred Palomino Horses
Antigo American Saddlebreds
Val Stables


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Country of Origin: USA | Colors:
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