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Lusitano Horse

Country of Origin: Portugal

Lusitano Horse

Image from Kersti_Nebelsiek


The twin brother to the mighty Andalusian the Lusitano shares some of the oldest bloodlines around.

Lusitano Horse

Image from Niic niic picnic


The Lusitano is the Portuguese varient of the same ancestory as the Andalusian. The differences lie in confirmation and the Lusitano was specifically bred and built for the bullfighting ring. Considered an art form in Portugal, the Lusitano excels in the bullring with able-bodied movement and high spirit.

They also share the same luxurious signature mane and tail as the Andalusian, built into their genes by years of breeding in hot weather climates.


Average height 15.2 hands
Strong presence
Elegant springy action
High degree of flexion possible in hind legs


Large head with pronounced convex profile
Almond shaped eyes
Strong arched neck
Deep, short-coupled body
Sloped croup and lower set tail
Short cannon bones

Traditional Colors

grey | chestnut | bay | Some cream dilutions



Lusitano Horse

Image from Niic niic picnic


General riding
Show horses
Performance animals

Lusitano Products

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Where to Buy

Jose Fontes Lusitanos

Lusitano Studs

Interagro Lusitano


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