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Arenberg-Nordkirchener Pony

Country of Origin: Germany



The Arenberg-Nordkirchener is dangerously close to becoming extinct & are listed as critically endangered, with their population numbers in the teens.


These animals are a fairly recent breed having been created in 1923 by the Prince of Arenberg. The original bloodlines come from wild horses of Munster, Westphalia crossed with animals of Konik, Dülme & later Welsh Pony blood. the goal was to create a durable riding pony that was friendly, tough & able to cover long distances with a smooth stride.

The mares were kept outdoors year round & every year the colts were rounded up & sold for carriage horses. Their popularity continued through the second World War, after which the need for horseflesh declined.

Late 20th Century

During the 1960’s the need again arose for a suitable riding pony & breeding began again. The breed branched off in 1984, to distinguish the German Riding Pony. In the 1990’s there was a renewed interest in the Arenberg-Nordkirchener & an attempt was made to collect the remaining animals. However this process was difficult as lineage is traced through the dam’s side in this breed. Sadly their numbers are very limited today.


Average height 12.9 – 13.7 hands
Durable and healthy
Elastic ground covering gaits


Dry, expressive head
Sloping shoulder
Well shaped croup
Correct, clear foundation

Traditional Colors

black | chestnut | grey | bay | dun


Friendly & able
Persistent & tenacious


Riding pony

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