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Hinis Horse

Country of Origin: Turkey

Hinis Horse


Also called Hinisin Kolu Kisasi Ati, the Hinis Horse is thought by some to be extinct, however it is believed to still exist in small numbers in Turkey. Their full name Hinisin Kolu Kisasi Ati actually means “the short front legs of the Hinis Horse“.


The Hinis horse comes from the Turkish Arabians brought to Hinis during the Ottoman Empire crossed with the Anadolu breed. The selected animals from that cross were selected as the foundation for the Hinis breed.


Average height 13.2 – 14.1 hands


Head has Arabian tendencies
Chest is deep & wide
Legs are strong, front are shorter than the hind
Hooves are hard & always black

Traditional Colors

All common colors

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Country of Origin: Turkey | Colors:
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