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Chilean Corralero Horse

Country of Origin: Chile

Chilean Corralero

Image from Huaso


As with many breeds of the Americas, the Chilean horse has it’s roots in the Spanish mounts brought over in the 16th century.

Chilean Corralero

Image from Ejansson


Similar in bloodlines to the Criollo of Argentina, the Chilean version is slightly heavier in confirmation. They were initially bred and used as a work animal. The innate hardiness of the breed was well utilized, however selective breeding didn’t begin until 1913.


Average height 13.2 – 14.2 hands
Powerful & agile


Head is medium in length with slightly convex or straight profile
Eyes are expressive, ears are small & mobile
Neck is medium in length and wide at the base
Back is short, strong & wide
Legs are strong, lean & well-muscled
Mane & tail are wavy & thick

Traditional Colors

All colors


Tough & determined
Loyal & true

Chilean Corralero


Cattle horse
Rodeo mount

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Country of Origin: Chile | Colors:
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