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Morgan Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Morgan Horse

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The first documented American breed, the Morgan horse owes its lineage to the original stud Justin Morgan. The Morgan blood has been a contributor to other North American breeds like the Saddlebred, Standardbred and the Tennessee Walking horse.

Morgan Horse

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Originating from the flagship stud Justin Morgan the ancestory of the Morgan breed beyond that is a mystery. Although it is speculated that there is Thoroughbred blood while others claim his sire was a Fresian Stallion.

A third theory still speculates that he is a blend of Welsh Cob, Thoroughbred and Arabian.

A small, thick dark bay Justin Morgan was two years old in 1793 in West Springfield, Massachusetts. His original owner Robert Evans found that this tough little horse could run faster and pull more than any of the local horses.


Average height 14.1-15.2 hands
Strong and eager to please
Made to work and run
Straight, free action


Medium sized head tapers down to muzzle with a straight profile
Strong sloping shoulder
Broad chest
Body is large with a deep girth
Back is short and broad
Legs are well formed with strong joints
Symmetrical quarters and hind legs
Long signature flowing tail

Traditional colors

All colors


Strong and true
Brave and eager to please

Morgan Horse

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Show horse
Harness racing
Pleasure / trail riding

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