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Dales Pony

Country of Origin: England

Dales Pony

Thornville Dan bred by Baroque Farm Dales Ponies


Sure footed and true, the Dales Pony are known for an iron will and strength of character. Strong enough to work hard and handsome enough to be stylish under saddle, this pony has earned itself a name as a very versatile equine.

Dales Pony

Lagniappe Aristocrat bred by Baroque Farm Dales Ponies


The Dales Pony comes from the upper dales of the eastern slopes near the Scottish boarder. Their bloodlines come from Scotch Galloway horses which have been used as pack animals in the coal mines established there in Roman times.

The strongest and best ponies were used, and well fed to encourage robust growth. In the late 18th century Arabian blood was introduced into the Dales Pony gene pool. This resulted in a pony that could work hard during the week and clean up with a high stepping trotting gait.


14 – 14.2 hands
Lively, high stepping action
Strong and agile


Neat pony head
Eyes bright and alert
Neck is arched
Mane and tail full and long
Body is short with a deep barrel
Lets are fine, muscular and feathered

Traditional Colors

Black | Grey | Bay | Occasionally roan


courageous and true
Strong and tough
Intelligent and kind
Alert and spirited

Dales Pony

Gullivers Mistral bred by Baroque Farm Dales Ponies


General riding
Driving pony
Show pony

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