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Egyptian Arabian Horse

Country of Origin: Egypt

Egyptian Arabian Horse

Image from Trescastillos


There are a wide variety of Arabian strains that exist today, some bred by Bedouin tribes in the Arabian Desert, others left the areas to create new strains in far off cultures.

Egyptian Arabian Horse

Image from Trescastillos


About 3500 years ago the Arabian horse became an essential element in the Egyptian empire. Using them to pull chariots allowed the Pharaohs rule to extend far beyond their own borders. The power and beauty of the mighty Egyptian Arabian has been both carved into hieroglyphs and written in the Bible. Breeding of these animals is taken very seriously and bloodlines are carefully controlled to preserve purity & desired characteristics.

In the 19th the ruling families of Egypt selected the finest horses from the deserts of Arabia and brought them to Egypt for breeding. Not since King Solomon has there been a collection that rivaled this one & the intention was to protect, preserve & prolong this ancient bloodline while preserving their unique qualities. This collection was the foundation of the Egyptian Arabian as we know them today.


Average height 14.1 – 15.1 hands
Distinctive back shape and high set tail due their 17 ribs, 5 limbar vertabrae, and 16 tail bone formation.


Head is refine & wedge shaped with a broad forehead & dish shaped profile
Eyes are large and expressive
Muzzle is small with large nostrils
Neck is arched with a refined & clean throatlatch
Tail is high set & showy
Body is compact & back is short
Legs are dense & strong
Feet are sound with good hoof walls

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | roan | Sabino pinto


Spirited & tough
Easygoing nature
Intelligent & sensitive

Egyptian Arabian Horse

Image from Trescastillos


Enhancing other bloodlines
Pleasure horse

Egyptian Arabian Products

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