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Moroccan Barb

Country of Origin: Morocco

Moroccan Barb Horse


One of the ancient breeds of the world, (especially their cousin the Arabian) The Moroccan or North African Barb’s origins are shrouded in mystery.


Some say they are a a branch off of the Arabian lines, however physically they do not resemble the dominant traits that the Arabian breed tends to pass on. Rather, the Barb is characterized by their ram shaped profile, sloping croup and low set tail. Others claim it’s the other way around that the Arabian stems from Barb blood, however the same is true for dominant traits in the opposite direction.

A more ideal theory is that long ago a similar ancestor to them both was brought to both northern Africa & the Arabian peninsula around the same time. The African strain bred with Iberian horses & the peninsular strain was selectively bred into the Arabian we know today.

The Barb is a swift & powerful desert breed, unlike the Arabian they are built more for mountainous desert, making them surefooted and able to cover terrain most horses wouldn’t (or couldn’t). Although they were great mounts, they were not known for their refined looks, which is a trait they pass on to many of the breeds they influenced.


Average height 14 – 15 hands


Head is long with a straight or convex profile
Eyes are lively
Neck is medium in length, muscular & arched
Back is short & straight
Chest is long & deep
Legs are slender & solid with broad joints
Hooves are small, shapely & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Highly spirited
Loyal & true


Riding horse


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