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Yonaguni Horse

Country of Origin: Japan

Yonaguni Horse

Image from sota-k


The Yonaguni is an incredibly rare small native pony breed that comes from the southwest islands of Japan. Their origins are a mystery but it is thought that they were either introduced from southern islands about 2000 years ago or that they came from Korea and are related to the Cheju.

Yonaguni Horse

Image from sota-k


This breed closely resembles both the Tokara & Miyako ponies, both native to Japan as well. For many years the horse was an indispensable part of rural households, for farm work & transportation. In 1939 many local breeds were improved for war horses, however the Yonaguni managed to remain more pure of blood due to their isolation.

Today these animals are very rare, as the mechanics of the 20th century drastically reduced their numbers.


Average height 10 – 12 hands


Head is large
Neck is short & thick
Shoulders are straight
Back is long
Legs can be splayed
Hooves are long & hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | bay


Gentle & thoughtful

Yonaguni Horse

Image from sota-k


Riding pony
Light draft

Yonaguni Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Japan | Colors: ,
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