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Dülmen Pony

Country of Origin: Germany

Dülmen Pony

Image from Maschinenjunge


The Dülmen Pony is the only remaining pony of German origin that has always lived in completely natural conditions. Mother Nature has formed this breed, not mankind. That alone makes them rare in the world of horse breeds which have almost always been shaped by our needs.

Dülmen Pony


The bloodlines of this breed date back more than 600 years in Westphalia, Germany where there have always been pockets of land for them to roam. As time marched on, their territories were shaped by the growth of man, until the mid 19th century when the Duke of Croy had them rounded up and taken to a place of refuge.

Over the years this breed has thrived on the land they have been given and survive without the interference of people (unless winter conditions become too bleak). These hard living conditions have created a hardy & robust animal. It is thought that the gruel coloring in the Dülmen indicates Tarpan influence, however they are lacking other primitive characteristics that typify wild horses.

On the last Saturday in May the herd is rounded up every year and male yearlings are captured and auctioned. Mares are not sold, they are born and laid to rest on the wildbahn.


Average height 12 – 13 hands


Head is plain
Neck is short and stout
Body is compact
Hindquarters are steeply sloped
Legs are short

Traditional Colors

chestnut | black | bay | dun


Good natured and easy to tame
Intelligent and easily trainable


Work horse
Farm animal
Pleasure mount
Vaulting mount
Cart horse

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