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Spanish Norman Horse

Country of Origin: Spain

Spanish Norman Horse

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The Spanish Norman horse is a very rare breed and crosses the blood of Andalusian animals of Spain with that of the Percheron of France.

This breed was developed in an attempt to re-create the mighty war horses of Europe in size and characteristics. The Spanish-Norman Horse Registry was established in 1991 to record & preserve this unique animal that shares the noble attitude of the Andalusian and the robust size & power of the Percheron.


Average height 15.3 – 17 hands


Eyes are large & expressive
Neck is short & graceful
Back is short
Legs are sturdy

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay


Calm & willing

Spanish Norman Horse

Image from Just chaos


Riding horse
Eventing horse
Show horse
Sport horse
Fairs & midieval games

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Spanish-Norman Horse Registry

Where to Buy

Sport Horse Canada
Mombassa Ridge Ranch
Hamid Hill Farm


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