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Israeli Horse

Country of Origin: Israel

Israeli Horse


The Israeli Horse is a combination of a variety of breeds, intermingled with a varying amount of Arabian strains. However in a country that experiences as much turmoil as Israel, the breeding of horses is hardly a first priority so limited breeding records are kept.

Israeli Horse

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The horse first came to Israel a very long time ago by animals that were probably the ancestors of the Arabian of today. During the centuries Israel has been a place of many wars & considering horses were the war tanks of time past the animals native to the area were influenced by a large variety of bloodlines.

More recently during the first World War the Australian cavalry stayed in Palestine with their Whaler mounts, which have also had an evident influence on the Israeli horse. As well as the blood of English Thoroughbreds & heavier hunter types kept by British army officers.

After Israel’s independence horses from many different breeds of Europe & the US for agricultural purposes. Unfortunately these crosses were not properly recorded nor maintained so it’s difficult to say what contributions each breed made to the Israeli horse. Since 1968 the main bloodline used to improve the breed is that of the Thoroughbreds.


Average height 14.1 – 15.1 hands


Because of the amount of random cross breeding, the Israeli breed doesn’t have a set confirmation type. However, there are some characteristics that seem to be fairly uniform within the breed.
Head is relatively long
Chest is narrow
Back is short
Feet are good & sound

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Kind and easy to handle


Riding horse

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