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Castilian Horse

Country of Origin: Spain

Castilian Horse

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This Castilian Horse was developed in Spain (back then called Castile) during the Middle Ages & today they are still known for their extra gaits called Paso Castillano or Castillian Time.


Developed during Spain’s heyday this breed includes blood from European, Asian & northern African animals. In the 8th century the Moorish invasion brought Berber & Arabian blood which had an impact on all of the Iberian horses. Their bloodlines went on to become part of the foundation for the Andalusian breed.

The resulting animal was proud, beautiful and possessed smooth gaits which made them popular riding mounts and a primary source of transportation. Much later when the new world was discovered many of these animals were shipped to the Americas (to later create many breeds still found there today). In Spain the remainder of the Castilian animals were absorbed into the Andalusian lines.

Known not only for their lovely gaits, the strong dose of Asian blood created a tough little animal who can cover enormous distances on minimal resources. Their strength is truly remarkable.

Today the Castilian Horse is still bred in Spain, a slow process finding pureblood animals who possess the special gait & today there is a breeder’s club.


Average height 14 – 14.3 hands
Their smooth, ambling gait defines this breed more than any other characteristic
Strong & durable
Propensity for lateral movement is natural and passed through genetics


Of balanced confirmation
Head is noble
Neck is strong
Body is smooth & well muscled
Legs are short compared to their robust body
Make & forelock are fine, silky & abundant
Back is long & narrow

Traditional Colors

All colors, with grey & dark skinned most desirable


Energetic & obedient
Mild nature
Courageous & true


Improving other breeds
Riding horse
Show horse

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Castilian Horse

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Country of Origin: Spain | Colors:
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