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San Fratello Horse

Country of Origin: Italy

San Fratello Horse


The San Fratello Horse or Sanfratellani comes from San Fratello which sits at the foot of Nebrodi Mountains in eastern Sicily, Italy. They are the closet thing Sicily has to wild horses as a small herd roams Nebrodi Park.


These animals are thought to be a cross between Thoroughbred & Asian bloodlines and share similar bloodlines with the Sardinian, Murgese, Sicilian and the Camargue as well as Andalusian.

An informal studbook has been kept since 1990 when the Italian Government showed an interest in preserving the bloodlines. The Sanfratellano horse is bred on the northern slopes of the Nebrodi’s in the province of Messina & are left without human intervention for the most part.


Average height 15 – 16 hands


Head is slight heavy with a straight or ram profile
Neck is short, straight & crested
Back is medium in length & can tend to sag
Shoulder is muscular
Legs are muscular & strong with slight feathering at fetlocks
Hooves are strong & solid

Traditional Colors

black | bay


Sensitive & kind


Work horse
Riding horse
Meat production

San Fratello Horse Products

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Country of Origin: Italy | Colors: ,
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