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Sini Horse

Country of Origin: China

Sini Horse

Image from Bundesarchiv


The Sini Horse comes from the Sini River Basin in China and have been developed since early in the 20th century.


This breed comes from crossing the Baikal and Sanhe animals and the resulting offspring were then interbred for many years. There were a few other bloodlines added over the years, but none of them took hold and they were quickly eliminated from the program.


Average height 13.2 – 14.2 hands


Head is light & clean with straight or slightly dished profile
Neck is lean but muscular
Back is long, straight & strong
Shoulder is well sloped
Legs are clean & strong
Hooves are dry & strong

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black


Riding horse

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Country of Origin: China | Colors: , , ,
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