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Balearic Horse

Country of Origin: Spain

Balearic Horse

Image from wimbledonian


This breed comes from the island of Majorca off the coast of southern Spain. Unfortunately, very few formal records have been kept on the Balearic breed. That combined with their isolation has kept their bloodlines pure & their numbers low.


One of the rarest breeds still alive today, the Balearic horse is of unknown, yet ancient origin. The breed is distinctly different from other Iberian breeds, even those on neighboring Belearic islands.

Some believe that the breed is descendant of the horses of Ancient Greece, due to their likeness to the animals portrayed in Greek artifacts and art.


Average height 14 hands


Small head with convex profile
Short, thick, arched neck
Slender legs

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay


Farm animal
Harness horse
Riding horse
Show horse

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Country of Origin: Spain | Colors: , ,
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