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Zweibrücker Horse

Country of Origin: Germany

Zweibrücker Horse

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The Zweibrücker or Zweibrücken Horse are bred in state owned stud facilities in Zweibrücken, Germany and is one of the smaller state run facilities.


The stud was founded in the mid 18th century and populated with animals of noble bearing. These animals were carefully crossed and further improved upon until 1801 when the farm was moved. Interestingly enough Napoleon saw several Zweibrücken animals and was so impressed that he ensured the stud was re-established in 1806. Breeding stock came from local German farms as well as the influence of Spanish animals, Anglo-Normans, Thoroughbreds & Arabians.

During the first half of the 20th century a need arose for a heavier type for agriculture and military purposes. This demand changed breeding practices and introduced the blood of heavier warmbloods like the Oldenburger. As with many studs the late 20th century moved away from heavy draft types and towards more refined sport horses. Trakehner stallions replaced the draft breeds and later Hanoverian & Holsteiner stock was used.


Average height 16 – 17 hands


Head is noble & expressive
Neck is medium in length and high set
Back is long and muscular
Shoulder is long & sloping
Legs are dry with large joints
Hooves are well proportioned & hard

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | black | pinto | cream dilutions


Intelligent & amiable


Riding horse
Show horse

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Stud Zweibrücken


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