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American Miniature Horse

Country of Origin: USA

American Miniature Horse

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Miniature horses in America come from English & Dutch mine ponies that were imported to the Americas in the 19th century. The small breeds imported were robust & perfect for use in coal mines of the Appalachian mountains.


The bloodlines of the American Mini draw from many sources. Initially it was mainly Shetland & Dartmoor stock, but later the Americans crossed them with Hackney, POA & Thoroughbred blood for refinement & size.

Going Legitimate

In 1978 the American Miniature Horse Association was formed to protect & document the American Miniature horses as a distinct breed. Only animals within the required size guidelines & proper confirmation were allowed to be registered.

2 American Miniature Pony Types

Division A Miniatures
Up to 34″ in height at the withers

Division B Miniatures
Between 34″ & 38″ in height at the withers


Average height – up to 38″
Agile & strong


Due to the different bloodlines, there are different body types of American Miniatures. The main two are Arabian & Draft.
Physical characteristics will vary, animals are registered based on height & well-proportioned confirmation.

Traditional Colors

All colors


Alert & intelligent
Thrive on attention
Curious & playful


Show horse
Riding horse
Driving or cart horse
Therapy animals

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