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Irish Sport Horse

Country of Origin: Ireland

Irish Sport Horse


Ireland has always been known for good horse stock and the independent breeding tradition runs deep in farming communities. Often farms will have a few extra mares used specifically for breeding.


The Irish Sport Horse (or Irish Hunter) comes from a cross between the Irish Draft & the Thoroughbred & this particular cross has become known for their brilliance over fences.

Although technically these are half-bred animals the Irish Sport tends to display uniformity in their confirmation. These animals were bred for hunting and their Irish Draft bloodlines provides them a sure-footedness in most terrains.


Average height 16 – 17.1 hands


Head is well proportioned with a straight or slightly convex profile
Eyes are large & expressive
Ears are long & shapely
Neck is long, muscular & often slightly arched
Back is short
Chest is full & deep
Legs are solid with broad joints

Traditional Colors

All colors except pinto


Solid & dependable
Intelligent and easy to work with


Eventing horse
Show horse

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Country of Origin: Ireland | Colors:
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