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Argentine Anglo Horse

Country of Origin: Argentina


The Argentine Anglo was developed through a need for a sport horse, lighter than the Criollo for sport in the country.


Their breeding began about 50 years ago & they were created by crossing Argentine Criollo mares with English Thoroughbred stallions. The resulting animal is a great sport horse with a special fitness for polo, they are known worldwide as exceptional polo ponies.


Average height 14.7 – 15.7 hands
Tend to be large and Thoroughbred in apperance


An expressive, mid-sized head
Long neck
Sloping shoulders
Back is long and elastic with a long muscular croup
Legs are solid with good bones & joints
Hooves are small and hard

Traditional Colors

sorrel | grey | bay


Hardy and true
Spirited and high energy


Show horse
Pleasure horse
Polo pony


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Country of Origin: Argentina | Colors: , ,
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