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Belgian Warmblood Horse

Country of Origin: Belgium

Belgian Warmblood Horse

Image from Culnacreann


Over the last 50 years the Belgian registry has been producing a solid stock of some of the finest jumping horses in the world. Standing down only to some of the breeds who had influence in their bloodlines.


Breeding began in 1937 to produce animals for the Rural Cavalry, and the intention was to teach and entertain the youth of the country, then allow them to demonstrate their skills.

Initially kids rode the animals they had available to them and tournaments were held which allowed them to display their skill and horsemanship.

After time breeders began to develop animals specifically suited to these tournaments by crossing Belgian Draft horses with smaller trotters & Thoroughbreds.

A Foundation

After WWII a base was established for the breed using Gelderland, Normandy & Hanovarian blood. However during this time the furthering of the breed faced controversy. Breeders were attempting to preserve the needs of rural agricultural life within the breed in a time when rural agriculture was rapidly moving away from horsepower.

Modern Belgian Warmblood

In 1955 the National Breeding Association of Agriculture-Riding Horses was founded in Louvain & later in 1970 the name was changed to the National Breeding Association of Warmbloods. This breed is virtually interchangeable with the Belgian Sport Horse which is bred under the Studbook sBs.

Today this warmblood is bred selectively with the idea of creating a strong, sound eventing horse with an even temper for the show ring.


Average height 16 – 17 hands


Varies depending upon lineage
Muscular body, compact with good depth
Well carried & handsome head
Warmblood confirmation
Muscled legs with big sound feet

Traditional Colors

All colors


Highly athletic & strong
Intelligent & willing to learn
Strong personality

Belgian Warmblood Horse

Image from Culnacreann


Show horse
Eventing horse
Competition horse
Sport horse
Pleasure horse

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Country of Origin: Belgium | Colors:
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