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British Shetland Pony

Country of Origin: England

British Shetland Pony


Strongest pony breed for their size, the Shetland and can pull twice its own body weight. The Shetland blood is found worldwide, but the British Shetland retains more of the original characteristics of the breed and are heavier than their American counterparts.

British Shetland Pony


This breed comes from the Shetland Isles NE of Scotland and their roots are unknown but they are thought to have originally come from ponies of Scandinavia. Small ponies have inhabited these islands since the Bronze Age. They were domesticated and later crossed with animals imported by Norse settlers.

The Shetland is also thought to have been influenced by Celtic ponies brought to the islands between 2000 and 1000 B.C.

Inhospitable climate and difficult forage creates an animal that is incredibly strong for its small size. Initially they were used for agriculture and later they were used as pit ponies in coal mines.

The Shetland Pony Stud Book Society of the UK was established in 1890 to preserve and document the breed.


Average height from 28″ to a maximum height of 42″


Head is small and with sometimes dished profile
Short, muscular neck
Stocky body with broad back
Short, strong legs
Mane and tail grows long and thick in the winter

Traditional Colors

All colors – Do not carry appaloosa or champagne genes


Even-tempered and intelligent

British Shetland Pony


Riding pony
Driving pony
Pack pony
Performing pony
Therapy animals
Guide horses

Shetland Pony Products

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