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Newfoundland Pony

Country of Origin: Canada

Newfoundland Pony


The Newfoundland Pony was developed on Newfoundland Island in the easternmost province of Canada.

Newfoundland Pony

Image from VickyTH


For many years this breed has been essential to the local people for both agriculture & transportation. For the most part they were left semi wild when not needed for work and there was very little controlled breeding, Mother Nature shaped their characteristics. Over the centuries, their physical isolation has resulted in a very distinct type of pony.

Originally these ponies were thought to come from animals that lived in southwestern England late in the 16th century and were slowly exported over by settlers headed to Newfoundland. Unfortunately though they have survived for centuries, free roaming herds have been banned & they are no longer needed for agriculture. Late in the 20th century the herds were being thinned & sold to France as meat.

This threatened the ponies survival and in 1980 The Newfoundland Society was founded to protect their pure bloodlines from extinction.


Average height 12 – 14 hands


Head is small and shapely
Ears are small & sharply pointed
Eyes are large & expressive
Neck is muscular

Traditional Colors

black | grey | bay | roan


Gentle & willing to learn

Newfoundland Pony

Image from VickyTH


Riding pony
Work animal
Carriage pony

Newfoundland Pony Products

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