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Swedish Ardennes Horse

Country of Origin: Sweden

Swedish Ardennes Horse

Image from Creap


The Swedish development of the Ardennes breed is a rather recent one that was spurred by an agricultural boom in the late 19th century that local animals were ill-equipped to handle.


Breeding began in 1873 when Count C.G. Wrangle imported Ardennes stallions to couple with the local Swedish Country Horse and by 1880 there were Ardennes animals throughout most of southern & central Sweden. The result of the cross proved to be a valuable animal and stud farms were established to continue breeding. The breeding association & stud book was formed in 1901.

For many years this breed was a dominant force in the country’s horse breeding industry & their careful breeding practices have created a truly pure breed in its own right.


Average height 15 – 16 hands


Head is heavy with a straight profile
Eyes are relatively small
Neck is short & muscular
Back is short
Chest is wide & deep
Shoulder is sloped & well muscled
Legs are short & strong with a little feathering at the fetlocks
Hooves are broad & round

Traditional Colors

black | bay | roan


Sweet tempered & easy to work with



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