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Costa Rican Saddle Horse

Country of Origin: Costa Rica

Costa Rican Saddle Horse

Image from Arsdelicata


These Spanish horses were brought to the Americas and spread their way throughout two continents. The Costa Rican version is a medium sized horse capable of carrying heavy loads for long distances.


The Costa Rican Horse comes from Barb & Spanish bloodlines. During the European exploration of the new world the Moorish occupation of Spain was ending. Barb animals were plentiful, as those of pure Arabian were rarely sold to Spanish people. Because of this, there is very little Arabian influence in the Spanish breeds.

Selective breeding began in the mid-19th century and has been industriously maintained since. Their small population could create inbreeding so Spanish horses were imported for fresh blood. However this new blood didn’t reflect some of the characteristics & gaits that the locals wanted in their saddle mounts.

Stallions from Peru were also imported and managed to provide better results creating the Costa Rican Saddle Horse we know today.


Average height 14.1 – 15.1 hands
High & smooth leg action

Traditional Colors

All colors except pinto can be registered.


Stock Horse


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Country of Origin: Costa Rica | Colors:
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