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Bityug Horse

Country of Origin: Russia



The Bityug (or Bitcuk in Turkey) was a handsome trotting breed that originated in Russia by order of Tsar Pierre Le Grand.


Named for the Bityug River, this breed was developed from local Voronezh steppe horses crossed with Danish, Dutch breeds along with Orlov Trotter. The resulting individuals were then crossed with the Heavy Trotters from the same area & the breed developed into a capable, handsome horse with trotting strength & speed. They resembled other trotters of the area, but with a more classic head appearance.

Modern Bityug

By the early 20th century the breeds numbers were rapidly declining. Then by the end of the century, agricultural demand grew for larger more robust animals & the Bityug was crossed with draft breeds & trotters. The resulting animals blurred type lines & were detrimental to the original bloodlines.

Local peasant farmers valued these animals & continued to breed them locally. Not to mention that stock from this breed was used to enhance many different bloodlines. The present day Voronezh coach horse retains many characteristics associated with the Bityug breed.


Average height 15 – 16 hands


Medium size & firm constitution

Traditional Colors

Grey | roan | pinto


Calm & intelligent


Cart horse
Enhancing other bloodlines

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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: , ,
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