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Lippitt Morgan Horse

Country of Origin: USA

Lippitt Morgan


The Lippitt Morgan breed began in 1910 when a wealthy gentleman named Fullerton Phillips traveled to Vermont with the intention of raising Morgan horses. In his search for breeding stock in the area he found were heavily crossed with trotters and didn’t reflect the majestic quality he so admired within the breed.


In the end Phillips looked to older bloodlines with fewer crosses and payed dearly for them. He carefully bred these animals for 17 years when suddenly he lost most of his herd during a violent storm. Sadly he died 5 years later in 1927 and his remaining herd was dispersed. Word of this travelled to a man named Robert Lippitt Knight who had an appreciation for rare breeds. He took a select few animas from Phillips herd and began his own breeding program.

Again a lifetime of breeding was dissolved in 1962 when Knight died and his herd was dispersed at auction. Most of them were snatched up by enthusiasts and in 1971 a group of them gave this unique strain the name Lippitt Morgan to recognize Knight’s contribution.

The Lippitt is one of the purest strains of Morgan that can be found today and retain the strong physical characteristics of the breed.


Average height 14.1 – 15.1 hands


Head is short and wide between the eyes
Neck is medium in length and crested
Back is short and smooth
Legs are strong


Willing and easy to work with


Riding horse
Show horse

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