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Voronezh Coach Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Voronezh Coach


The Voronezh Coach was developed in the Voronezh District of Russia & is a very rare breed today. Their numbers are pitifully low, however recently an interest has been shown in reviving this breed as it is an ancestor to the extinct Bityug breed & they retain many of their physical characteristics.


In 1936 a study was conducted on the horses of the area and a decision was made to improve the local draft breeds by breeding them pure with only the addition of trotter blood. By 1938 a stud farm was established to breed a Bityug type horse that was re-named the Voronezh Coach Horse.

3 Voronezh Coach Types

There are three recognized types of the breed.
Massive – the smallest in numbers but larger, with more draft influence.
Light – more refined in confirmation & shows trotter influence.
Local – the offspring of local stallions with unknown bloodlines, tends to be coarser in confirmation.


Average height 15 – 15.3 hands


Back is straight & long
Legs are straight with well made joints & feathering
Hooves are hard

Traditional Colors

bay | roan | pinto | black


Calm & willing



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