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Kabarda Horse

Country of Origin: Russia

Kabarda Horse

Image from Tobias.knoll


Also called the Kabardian & the Kabardinskaya, the Kabarda breed comes from the Babardino-Balkar Autonomous Republic & the Stavropol area of Caucasus & developed by nomadic tribesmen.


This breed is native to the area and thought to have strong links to the horses of Turkmenistan. During this breed’s development it has been enhanced with animals from throughout Middle East & Asia. They are an incredibly hardy breed that possesses remarkable endurance and a great sense of direction.

The original animal was a lighter animal that was incredibly resilient but also displayed light, free movement. Unfortunately many Kabarda horses died during the revolution and proper breeding didn’t begin again until the 1920’s. At that point the need for a stronger, more robust animal drove the process and the resulting animal was more suitable for agriculture and war mounts.


Average height 14.2 – 15.1 hands


Head is clean but can be coarse with a ram profile
Ears are long
Neck is medium in length and muscular
Back is short & solid
Chest is deep
Legs are well set with well developed joints – may have some feathering
Hooves are hard

Traditional Colors

black | bay

Kabarda Horse


Riding horse
Sport horse

Kabarda Horse Products


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Country of Origin: Russia | Colors: ,
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