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Cheju Pony

Country of Origin: South Korea



These ponies come from the Cheju island off the coast of South Korea. From the years 935 – 1910 this province was used as a place of political exile as well as a place for grazing horses.


Although thought to have come originally from China, there are no records as to when or what kind of horses first made their way to the Korean Peninsula. Ancient records show that horses were heavily relied upon in the area from the 1st century BC through the 19th century.

The native Cheju ponies have been thought to exist for the last 700 years on the island and were bred mainly for draft duties. The mild local climate meant there has always been sufficient food to support their population.

Unknown origin aside, these ponies have made quite a name for themselves and have been long exported to mainland Korea as well as China.

At one point 25% of the Island’s rural households were involved in horse production.

Today this breed is in danger of extinction, their numbers dwindling throughout the 20th century. In 1987 the Korean government named this pony a National Treasure in the hopes of keeping them around.


Average height 11 hands
Able to survive harsh conditions
Highly resilient to disease
Able to carry heavy loads


Show influence of both Arabian & Mongolian breeds
Head is nicely shaped with a straight profile
Eyes are large, ears are small
Neck is short & well muscled
Back is straight & short
Tail is high-set
Legs are strong & well-muscled

Traditional Colors

Chestnut | Black | Grey | Bay | Pinto | Cremello


Riding Horse
Light Draft Work


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