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Estonian Native Horse

Country of Origin: Estonia

Estonian Native Horse

Image from Rozpravka


Also called the Klepper, the Estonian Native is one of the few remaining breeds in this area that has effectively resisted the effects of cross breeding & retained the characteristics of a northern horse.


Thought to have come to Russia as early as the 14th or 15th centuries and because of their extreme versatility and hard working abilities was quickly adopted and became widespread throughout Estonia.

After the advent of mechanization the need for a sturdy pony declined & the need for large draft animals increased. Larger breeds were introduced to the bloodlines and many of the pureblood breeders were displaced to the Baltic shore and neighboring islands. As a result, animals from the mainland tend to be larger (and probably less pure) than their island counterparts.


Average height 13.1 – 14.3


Head is well shaped, but can be coarse
Neck is short to medium and fleshy
Chest is very wide & deep
Legs are short, well-set and clean
Hooves are very hard & sound

Traditional Colors

chestnut | grey | bay | dun | roan


Undemanding and easy to care for
Willing and affectionate


Light agriculture work
Riding horse
Improving other breeds

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Estonian Native Horse


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